The College of Liberal Arts’ student body is driven by curiosity and questioning. We encourage all our students to participate in research and help create knowledge. The College of Liberal Arts offers funding opportunities each semester, including summer, to afford students to undertake critical and impactful work. Our Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs) are College funded awards with bi-annual calls for proposals.

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs). The LAURAs grant $2,000 each to undergraduate student-faculty member duos to conduct a research project over the course of a semester. Each student earns a $15/hour stipend from the grant while spending 100 hours on the project, which enables students to dedicate their time to developing research skills without having to worry about their financial wellbeing.

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURA) creates more opportunities for undergraduate students to develop research skills by working with faculty mentors on faculty-led research projects while increasing support for faculty research in the College of Liberal Arts. The Spring 2022 Awards Ceremony will be held Thursday, April 14, 2022 from 12pm to 2pm in the Howard Gittis Student Center, Room 217.

LAURA Scholars Teams Share Experiences
Student-faculty teams worked together over the course of a semester or summer on a research project of mutual interest. Visit our LAURA Scholars Testimonials page and watch the videos to see some of the experiences from our faculty and students! 

Faculty and Student Research Teams

The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the Spring 2022 LAURA Scholar Awards:

Spring 2022

  • Casarae Abdul-Ghani and student Bella Reina (English) for Sonia Sanchez’s Dramatic Exploration of the Japanese Immigrant’s Voice in Dirty Hearts​
  • Abhit Bhandari and student Ariel Breitman (Political Science) for Political Property Rights: Inequality and Growth Under Selective Rule of Law​
  • Lisa Briand and student Roxanne Perez (Neuroscience) Tremble for Effect of Cocaine Reinstatement on Microglial Morphology following Adolescent Social Isolation​
  • Jason Chein and student Grace Pinkstone (Psychology and English) for Passive Versus Active Smartphone Engagement: The Association Between Specific Digital Behaviors and Impulsivity​
  • Eunice Chen and student Kaitlin Amber Zinn (Psychology) for Addiction to ultraprocessed sweet foods: effects on health and behavior
  • Tania Giovannetti, PhD, ABPP-CN and student Giuliana Vallecorsa (Neuroscience) for Association between Self-reported Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Cognitive Function in Older Adults​
  • Kimberly Goyette and students Francisca Selase (Economics) and Afantchao Biakou (Sociology) for Longitudinal Research on the Impacts of the Champions of Caring Ambassadors Leadership Program​
  • Kevin Henry and student Kelley Simon (Environmental Studies) for Sociodemographic disparities in access to comprehensive stroke centers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware:  Where should we open the next to comprehensive stroke center?  
  • Johanna Jarcho and student Megan Schaal (Neuroscience) for The influence of social contexts on relations between poor social skills, social anxiety, and peer victimization​
  • Artemy M. Kalinovsky and student Veronika Vologina (Economics and Global Studies) for Post-Soviet Modernity and Neoliberal Reform: Electricity and Gas in Contemporary Central Asia ​
  • Philip C. Kendall, PhD, ABPP and student Gillian Dysart (Psychology) for Stigma as a moderator in the relationship between preferred sources of mental health information and actual sources among caregivers​
  • Judith Levine and student Tara Cunniffe (Sociology) for Landing a Job: Moving from College to Employment in the New Economy
  • Laura McGrath and student Nikki Gallant (English) for Book Data​
  • Alan McPherson and student Iuri Piovezan (Global Studies) for The Impact of Iran-Contra on U.S. Democracy​
  • Patricia Melzer and student Bri McCaffrey (Interdisciplinary German Studies and Computer Science) for Accessing and cataloging digital archives for book chapter "Feminist Militants’ Response to Sexism and Sexual Violence in the Autonomen"
  • Thomas Olino and student Melissa Bomberger (Psychology) for Maltreatment, Affiliation, and Depressive Symptoms in Youth​
  • Mark A. Pollack and student Sara Graham (Global Studies) for The Lasting Legacies of the Trump Era in US Foreign Policy​
  • Christina Rosan and student Kevin Wang (Economics with a Minor in Geography and Urban Studies) for PREACT (Planning for Resilience and Equity through Accessible Community Technology)​
  • David V. Smith and student Neriah Kahn (Psychology) for Neural Mechanisms Underlying Social and Economic Reward Processing​
  • Jessica Stanton and student Brianna Kline-Costa-Chavez (Political Science) for Anti-Terrorism Law and Its Consequences for Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa​
  • E. Rely Vilcica and student Sophia Shaiman (Criminal Justice and Psychology) for Reform to Counteract Mass Incarceration in the Era of Progressive Prosecution: Philadelphia as a Case Study 
  • Steven Windisch and student Courtney Kater (Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies) for Killing in the Name of: Cognitive and Emotional Catalysts for White Supremacist Mass-Causality Violence​
  • Janire Zalbidea and student Gabriela H. Ingber (Spanish and Criminal Justice) for Developing Foreign and Heritage Language Writing Skills in College-Level Spanish Classes​
  • Adam Ziegfeld and student Ellen Kamalyan (Political Science) for The Politics of Election Alliances in India​

Past LAURA Scholar Awards