The College of Liberal Arts’ student body is driven by curiosity and questioning. We encourage all our students to participate in research and help create knowledge. The College of Liberal Arts offers funding opportunities each semester, including summer, to afford students to undertake critical and impactful work. Our Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs) are College funded awards with bi-annual calls for proposals.

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs). The LAURAs grant $2,000 each to undergraduate student-faculty member duos to conduct a research project over the course of a semester. Each student earns a $15/hour stipend from the grant while spending 100 hours on the project, which enables students to dedicate their time to developing research skills without having to worry about their financial wellbeing.

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURA) creates more opportunities for undergraduate students to develop research skills by working with faculty mentors on faculty-led research projects while increasing support for faculty research in the College of Liberal Arts. 

LAURA Scholars Teams Share Experiences
Student-faculty teams worked together over the course of a semester or summer on a research project of mutual interest. Visit our LAURA Scholars Testimonials page and watch the videos to see some of the experiences from our faculty and students! 

Faculty and Student Research Teams

The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the Summer and Fall 2022 LAURA Scholar Awards:

Summer 2022

  • Zain Abdullah (Religion) and student Angelique Vittone for The Nation of Islam and Social Change, 1955-1975     
  • Debra Bangasser (Psychology) and student Rutvik Mehta for Effect of a Low Resource Environment on Social Motivation  
  • Eunice Chen (Psychology) and student Shely Khaikin for Acute Reward and Mood Effects of Ultraprocessed Food  
  • Nyron Crawford (Political Science) and student Jerry Dong for An Experimental Test of  Administrative Burden in Expungement of Criminal Records           
  • Nah Dove (Africology and African American Studies) and student Aissata Sy for Raising the Visibility of African Women Scholars   
  • Barbara Ferman (Political Science) and student  Emma Jensen for Gun Violence in Philadelphia: Youth Perspectives on Origins and Solutions         
  • Kimberly Goyette (Sociology) and students Francisca  Selase and Afantchao Biakou for A Continuation of Longitudinal Research on the Impacts of the Champions of Caring Ambassadors Leadership Program  
  • Elizabeth Gunderson (Psychology) and student Joei Camarote for Improving Preschoolers’ Spatial Skills Through an At-Home Parent-Led Intervention        
  • Victor Gutierrez-Velez (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Chandler Marie McNelis for Land Cover and Ecosystem Change Mapping for Colombia
  • Kevin Henry (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Jenna Pinto for Hispanic and Immigrant Paradoxes in Colon Cancer Outcomes: The role of Neighborhood Poverty, Ethnic Enclaves, and Residential Mobility             
  • Veronica Jacome (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Amy Cunniff for Relationship Building in the Pursuit of Just Transition: The Electrification of Philadelphia      
  • Catherine Maclean (Economics) and student Akash Banerjee for Unintended Consequences of Public Good Investment: Evidence from Professional Sports Stadium Openings and Crime     
  • Laura McGrath (English) and student Abigail Corcelli for Literary Agents and American Literature
  • Nora Newcombe (Psychology) and student Linh Nguyen for Marvelous Moments
  • Hamil Pearsall (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Emma Linneman for Advancing Equitable Urban Forestry by Uncovering Barriers to Participation            
  • Mónica Ricketts (History) and student Ignacio A. Vasconsellos Riva for The Spectacle of Politics: Gender and Race in Lima’s Theater, 1650-1850    
  • Christina Rosan (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Mason Dofflemyer for Reimagining A Sustainable Education to Meet Environmental, Climate, Education, and Community Goals           
  • Damien Stankiewicz (Anthropology) and student Kathryn Dando for French Far-Right Twitter and the 2022 French Presidential Election    
  • Amarat Zaatut (Criminal Justice) and student Jessica Chapman for Scholars’ Perceptions of Qualitative Research and its Utility in Criminology and Criminal Justice: A Comparative Study     
  • Janire Zalbidea (Spanish and Portuguese) and student Molly Clark for Factors Underlying Aptitude for Foreign Language Learning

Fall 2022

  • Deborah Drabick (Psychology) and student Georgia Moon for Neuropsychological and peer predictors of Coping Power intervention outcomes
  • Orfeo Fioretos (Political Science) and student Lauren Ross for The United States and the Politics of Multilateralism Since the End of the Cold War
  • Kevin Henry (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Jacob Downey for Socioeconomic Disparities in Female Breast  Cancer Stage at Diagnosis: Revisiting Neighborhood Poverty using Residential Histories     
  • Jeremy Mennis (Geography and Urban Studies) and student Kai Yuen for Digitizing Historical Maps of Chesapeake Bay’s Eastern Shore to Support the Geographic Analysis of the Underground Railroad
  • Vishnu Murty (Psychology) and student Bailey Spangler for Memory fragmentation during threat-drive naturalistic events
  • Nora Newcombe (Psychology ) and student John Erardi for Development of Naturalistic Event Memory
  • Lauren Olsen (Sociology) and student Meghan Gongalla for Curricular Opportunities and Constraints: Reproducing Privilege and Inequality in U.S. Medical Education
  • Ingrid Olson (Psychology) and student Obinnaya Onwukanjo for Event Segmentation and Remembering Natural Events
  • Aunshul Rege (Criminal Justice) and student Parker Naugle for Disinformation, Cyberwar, and Critical Infrastructure Security 
  • Mónica Ricketts (History) and student Ignacio A. Vasconsellos Riva for Hunger and Famines in Bourbon Proyectista Writings
  • David Smith (Psychology) and student Ishika Kohli for Age-Related Differences in Social and Economic Reward Processing
  • Kimberly Williams (Anthropology) and student Asher Quentin Riley for Corinth Bioarchaeological Digital Database Development

Past LAURA Scholar Awards