African Womanism, Afrocentric School


Nah Dove is a proud mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Canada, the U.S., and the UK. She graduated with a PhD from the U.S., with a focus on African Culture, First Nations people in the US, Black Women and Education. She has written articles, chapters and encyclopaedic entries. Her books are, Afrikan Mothers: Bearers of Culture, Makers of Social Change 1998 and The Afrocentric School (a blueprint) 2021. Along with Dr Molefi Kete Asante, Nah Dove has co-edited a book titled, Being Human Being. Her accomplishments include her involvement in developing African-centred and Afrocentric schools. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Temple University in the Department of Africology.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications


  • 2021. The Afrocentric School (a blueprint). Universal Write Publications LLC
  • 2021.  Being Human Being  Co-Author Molefi Kete Asante (forthcoming)
  • 1998. Afrikan Mothers: Bearers of Culture, Makers of Social Change. N.Y.: State University of New York Press.

Book Contribution

  • 2019. “Race and Sex, Growing up in the UK”. In Busby, M. (Ed.), New Daughters of Africa. Oxford.: Myriad Editions 

Book Chapters

  • 2007. “African Mothers: A case study of Northern Ghanaian Women”. In Mazama, A. (Ed.), Africa in the 21st  Century: Toward a New Future. N.Y., London.: Routledge.
  • 2003. “Defining African Womanism”. In Mazama, A. (Ed.), The Afrocentric Paradigm. NJ, U.S.: Africa World Press.
  • 1998. “An African Centered Critique of Marx’s Logic”. In Altschuler (Ed.), The Living Legacy of Marx,
  • Durkheim & Weber: Applications and Analyses of Classical Sociological Theory by Modern Social Scientists. U.S.: Gordian Knot Books. University of Nebraska Press.
  • 1996. ”Understanding Education for Cultural Affirmation”. In Roberson, E. (Ed.), To Heal a People: African Scholars Defining a New Reality.  
  • 1994. “The Emergence of Black Supplementary Schools as Forms of Resistance to Racism in the UK”. In Shujaa, M. (Ed.), Too Much Schooling, Too Little Education: A Paradox of Black Life in White Society. NJ, U.S.: Africa World Press.

Articles Published in Refereed Journals

  • 2018. “Race Revisited: A Cultural Construction Bearing Significant Implications”, International Journal of  African Renaissance Studies. October. DOI: 10.1080/18186874.2018.1538703.
  • 2008. “A Return to Traditional Healthcare Practices: A Ghanaian Study”. Journal of Black Studies. July. 
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  • 2002. “Defining a Mother-Centred Matrix to Analyse the Status of Women”. Journal of  Black Studies. September.
  • 1998. “African Womanism: An Afrocentric Theory”. Journal of Black Studies. May.
  • 1996. “Racialized Power Relations: An African Centred Critique of Marx’s Logic”. Western Journal of Black Studies. January.
  • 1996. “The Crisis of the Black Intellectual: Education for Cultural Affirmation. Urban Education. January.

Courses Taught 

Temple University, Philadelphia PA


  • The Black Child (undergraduate)
  • The Black Family (undergraduate)
  • The Black Woman (undergraduate)
  • Representing Race (undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Africology (undergraduate)
  • Afrocentric Theory and Methods (graduate)
  • Ethnographic Methods (graduate)
  • Seminar The African American Woman (graduate)


  • Contemporary Black Poets (undergraduate)
  • Ethnographic Methods (graduate)
  • The Black Woman (undergraduate)
  • Mass Media and the Black Community (undergraduate)


  • Seminar on W. E. B. Du Bois. (graduate)
  • Seminar on the African American Woman. (graduate)
  • The Black Woman.  (undergraduate)
  • African American History from 1900s. (undergraduate)
  • The Black Child. (undergraduate)
  • Africa in the Twentieth Century. (undergraduate)

Medgar Evers College, New York


  • Critical Issues in Society (undergraduate)
  • African American History and Culture (undergraduate)
  • Psychology of Social Change (undergraduate)

State University of New York at Buffalo, N.Y.


  • Introduction to African American Studies (undergraduate)
  • The Black Child (undergraduate)
  • Women of the African Diaspora (undergraduate)


  • The Black Child in the U.S. (undergraduate)                    

Pennsylvania State University, PA.


  • Introduction to Black People in the Twentieth Century. (undergraduate)
  • The African American Woman. (undergraduate)
  • Women of Color. (undergraduate)