Philosophy of Mind and Language, Epistemology, Cognitive Science, Phenomenology


Eli Alshanetsky is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Temple University. Previously, he was an Andrew W. Mellon fellow in the Humanities at Stanford University. He received his PhD in philosophy from NYU. Eli's research and teaching interests are at the intersection of the philosophy of mind and language, epistemology, and cognitive science. 

His book, Articulating a Thought, examines how we make our thoughts clear to ourselves in the process of putting them into words. For an accessible introduction to this topic, see his article at Aeon MagazineThoughts into Words.

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Selected Publications

  • Articulating a Thought, Oxford University Press, 2019
  • "The Meno Paradox of Reflection", Journal of Philosophy, 2020

Courses Taught


  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Philosophy of Language