A Message From the Chair of the Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors for the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) provides advice and support to the dean and his team in the important mission of promoting the value of a liberal arts education. Our diverse and esteemed board members reflect the broad range of professional careers that are possible with the critical thinking skills developed through the study of the liberal arts. As a board we engage with students, parents and employers to share our perspective on how our graduates are well-equipped to contribute and succeed in a variety of professional environments. The enduring hallmark of this board is our focus on creating resources to assist students with professional development services. Through the generosity of individual board members CLA has established the Joyce K. Salzberg Center for Professional Development, the Mazur Networking Series and the Pathways to Professionals program which provides paid internships for undergraduate students, offering them real-world experience and networking opportunities.

College of Liberal Arts Board of Visitors