Health Economics, Public Policy, Labor Economics


Professor Maclean’s research uses health and labor economic theory to empirically explore the causes and consequences of substance use, mental health, insurance coverage, and labor market outcomes. She is particularly interested in the role of public policies in influencing these outcomes. Professor Maclean is a Research Associate in the Health Economics Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a Research Affiliate at the Institute of Labor Economics. She is a Co-Editor at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Her recent work examines the effect of insurance regulations, tobacco control regulations, and access to healthcare services. Professor Maclean's research is supported by the National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the American Cancer Society.  

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Maclean, J.C., Popovici, I., Stern, R. (2018) Health insurance expansions and provider behavior: Evidence from substance use disorder treatment. Journal of Law and Economics. Accepted.
  • Maclean, J.C., Saloner, B. (2018) Substance use treatment provider behaviors and healthcare reform: Evidence from Massachusetts. Health Economics. 27(1): 76-101.  
  • Horn, B., Maclean, J.C., Strain, M. (2017) Do minimum wage increases impact worker health? Economic Inquiry. 55(4): 1986–2007.
  • Richards, M., Marti, J., Maclean, J.C., Fletcher, J., Kenkel, D. (2017) Tobacco control policies, Medicaid coverage, and the demand for smoking cessation drugs. American Journal of Health Economics. 3(4): 528-549.
  • French, M.T., Robins, P., Maclean, J.C., Sayed, B., Shiferaw, L. (2016) Tattoos, employment, and labor market earnings: Is there a link in the ink? Southern Economic Journal. 82(4): 1212-1246.
  • -- Winner of the 2016 Georgescu-Roegen Prize. The Georgescu-Roegen Prize is awarded each year by the Southern Economic Association® to the author(s) of the best academic article published in the Southern Economic Journal®
  • Maclean, J.C., Hill, T. (2015) Leaving school in an economic downturn and self-esteem across early and middle adulthood. Labour Economics. 37: 1-12.  
  • Maclean, J.C., Webber, D. A., Marti, J. (2014) An application of unconditional quantile regression to cigarette taxes. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. 33(1):188-210.

Courses Taught

  • Econ 8204 (Health Economics),
  • Econ 8139 (Econometrics IV – Panel Data Econometrics)
  • Econ 1102 (Principles of Microeconomics).