The College of Liberal Arts Research Administration team help tenured and tenure-track faculty identify, create and assist in getting external funding for your project or research. We’re here to be your advocate for all grant communications—internally and externally. We will be the liaison between faculty and administrative offices as well as potential funders. From inception to award, the research administration team helps in securing grant money for external funding needs.

Our Services

  • Targeted funding searches for your research project, concept or scholarly pursuits
  • Proposal development and writing support*, including proofreading and editing
  • Submission of the proposal, account set up, completion of all nonresearch-related information and uploading material
  • Developing budgets and budget narratives
  • Obtaining required university approvals

The Process

The first step in your grant journey begins with identifying a sponsor and funding opportunity. If you do not already have one, this guideline provides resources to get you started. CLA’s research administration staff are available to assist in this process as well.

To initiate a request please fill out the Funding Search and Collaborative Search Request form, and within 24 hours a member of the research administration team will contact you to discuss next steps. All grants must be prepared within Temple’s interactive research portal called Electronic Research Administration. Principal investigators cannot submit applications directly.

For boilerplate templates of standard proposal sections, such as facilities and resources, please contact the CLA Research Office.

Grant Proposal Deadlines for the College of Liberal Arts and the Office of the Vice President for Research

The College of Liberal Arts internal deadlines are as follows.

Seven business days prior to the sponsor deadline
Administrative items must be received by research administration staff. This includes the eSPAF (Electronic Sponsored Project Approval Form) final budget, budget justification, biographical sketch or CV, abstract, and other items depending on the submission (subcontractor required forms, current/pending support and other administrative forms). GMO’s deadline for these materials is five business days before the sponsor deadline, however, our office needs the seven business day deadline to allow for time to review/revise and route the eSPAF for approvals in order to meet the GMO deadline.

Four business days prior to the sponsor deadline
Final research plan components are due. GMO’s deadline for these materials is two business days before the sponsor deadline. Our four business day deadline is in place to give us time to build/review/make edits (when applicable) to proposal components and finalize the record to meet the GMO internal deadline.

These deadlines are vital, as they help us to manage the workflow related to proposal submissions and ensure that everything follows university and sponsor regulations. If deadlines are conveyed during a meeting, it is important that faculty be made aware that the CLA deadlines are those which need to be followed.

I received a grant award notification, now what do I do?
Typically, awards are issued to the university on behalf of the principal investigator. Temple has designated the Grants Management and Research Accounting divisions with responsibility for establishing an account for your award in the university’s financial system (Banner), as well as reviewing and approving expenditures.

Award set up goes through these steps.

  • Receipt of official notice of award to Grants Management with copy to principal investigator
  • Grants Management review of terms and conditions, including any conditional restrictions (revised budget will likely be necessary at this time)
  • Internal compliance with all regulatory requirements, such as conflict of interest certification, human subject or animal research protocols
  • Development and execution of any contracts or subcontracts, as necessary
  • Grants Management transmits entire award package to Research Accounting Services, which issues the account number, called a FOAPAL
  • Principal investigator and department business staff are notified and work on the project

Once an award is granted and a FOAPAL is established, feel free to contact Kim Fahey to discuss next steps. Your departmental business administrator can assist with payroll paperwork, purchasing through TUmarketplace, and other matters related to spending grant funds.

Additional Resources