Departments and Programs

We Put Students First

Our 28 academic departments and programs offer students a variety of dynamic courses, research opportunities, options for experiential learning and internship possibilities.

College of Liberal Arts students and faculty share a special bond. Our student to faculty ratio is 11:1, which means you'll get more one-on-one time than anywhere else.

Africology and African American Studies

Global Vision

The College of Liberal Arts' Department of Africology and African American Studies presents students with an ongoing synthesis of the best research and scholarship on historical, cultural, scientific and economic issues confronting African people. Students gain and expand a new worldview based on the African diaspora and African American experiences. With people of African descent living across the globe, and the Department of Africology and African American Studies exposes students to their diversity of racial, national, ethnic and social issues.

American Studies

American Studies explores patterns and connections in US life. We look at the big themes — such as labor, mobility, migration, art, place, race, gender and play.

Anthropology Department

Temple University's Department of Anthropology offers programs of study at both undergraduate and graduate levels that help students hone marketable skills—including formulating hypotheses, developing research programs and proposals and applying theories to the interpretation of data.

Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Studies

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Studies offers undergraduate minors and certificates of language proficiency in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. We also offer instruction in Hebrew, Hindi and Korean.

Asian Studies

Our students study the politics, history, society, art, religion, philosophy and literature of Asia—and come away prepared to enter the global economy.

Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice is committed to deepening our understanding of crime, governance and social justice.


The Department of Economics provides a rigorous training that is valuable in the competitive labor market and a strong basis for graduate studies in business, law and the social sciences.


The Department of English teaches students to read and write with clarity, precision and imagination by exploring linguistic practices and literary traditions in Britain, the United States and the English speaking world—with added attention to film, video and photography.

French, German, Italian and Slavic Languages

We offer a full array of language courses to serve students at all levels of proficiency, from those who are planning to study a language for the first time to those who are already fluent in one or more languages.

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Learn to investigate and interpret women's historical contributions and activism for gender, sexual and racial equality. 

Geography and Urban Studies

Our acclaimed faculty equip students to understand and address a wide range of environmental, economic, social and political challenges that are central to the well-being of billions of people in our urbanizing world.

Greek and Roman Classics

Students in the Department of Greek and Roman Classics study the cultures and languages of two major civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world with award-winning faculty.


Rich regional resources, acclaimed teachers and scholars, and renowned research centers ensure that our students gain a prominent voice in global conversations about the past.

Intellectual Heritage

Our humanities seminars—Mosaic I and II—introduce students to foundational texts from cultural and intellectual traditions worldwide.


Our acclaimed and accessible faculty teach students to apply deep-level analysis across a range of fields—with practical applications in every industry.

Political Science

Our researching faculty are nationally recognized in their fields and continue to publish while teaching both introductory and advanced courses—bringing their cutting-edge research into the classroom.


Our renowned researching faculty can help you develop applied skills through rigorous and highly focused experiential learning in research laboratories and community-based internships.


Our faculty are acclaimed experts in their fields who teach students to examine the influence of religion on identity and in shaping history — focusing on the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in a variety of careers. 


The Department of Sociology engages students with our leading-edge research and award-winning teachers, in order to better prepare them for an increasingly competitive and global 21st century workplace.

Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers three major tracks and an array of experiential learning opportunities that will immerse you in the language and culture of Spain and Latin America.