Welcome to Mentor Collective 

Through Mentor Collective, students will have ongoing access to a network of current student mentors trained to offer guidance and advice. 

Undergraduate Student Journey

What is Mentor Collective? 

The Mentor Collective program enhances the student experience by linking them one-on-one with a CLA peer mentor. Students are paired with someone invested in their success — a person ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges and recognize opportunities. Students will learn what to expect in school, how to approach challenges and navigate their journey at Temple. At the same time, mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders.  

How does Mentor Collective work?  

Mentor Collective is a resource to help students navigate the many adjustments they often face when attending college, either for the first time or if they’re just looking for additional support throughout their time at CLA. Students are matched with a peer mentor based on common academic interests, life challenges and experiences. CLA Mentors are here to offer guidance as students acclimate to life in college and beyond. Students will connect via their preferred method of communication, in person, text, phone, email or virtual meeting platform.  

What do mentors and mentees discuss? 

  • How your major will impact your professional options 

  • How to balance the demands of family, school and work 

  • How to set yourself up for academic, social and career success 

  • How to make connections with peers and professional contacts 

Program Expectations 

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to communicate at least once a month, although pairs can communicate more frequently depending on individual preferences. Pairs can communicate in person, via text connect via their preferred method of communication; text, phone, email or virtual meeting platform.  

Have Questions? 

If you have questions about the program, contact Chris Wolfgang at chris.wolfgang@temple.edu. If you are having issues registering or need technical support, please contact help@mentorcollective.org

Additional Resources for Mentors and Mentees 

Student Resources