Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Media, Political Anthropology, Europe, Nationalism, Transnationalism


Damien Stankiewicz is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology. His research examines national identity and nationalism in Western Europe, principally France. As a visual anthropologist and anthropologist of media, his research focuses especially on the role that mass media play in (re)configurations of belonging and “culture,” as the nation-state and national identity are unmade and remade through multidirectional pressures of globalization, Europeanization, populism, and nativism. His first book, Europe Un-Imagined (University of Toronto Press, 2017) examines how staff at ARTE—a self-consciously transnational television channel located on the French-German border—go about crafting media intended to promulgate a trans-border European culture. His second project focuses on the uses of media, and especially digital media, among partisans of the French far-right. Stankiewicz received his BA from the University of Chicago (2003), and his Certificate in Culture and Media (2006) and PhD (2011) from New York University.


Selected Publications

  • "Nationalism Without Borders: Contradictory Politics at a Transborder European Media Organization." American Ethnologist 44(4). November 2017.
  • "Against Imagination: On the Ambiguities of a Composite Concept.” American Anthropologist 118(4): 796-810. December 2016.
  • “Europe.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Anthropology. Ed. John Jackson. New York: Oxford University Press. May 2016.
  • “The Politics of Cartoon in Anthropological Context: Charlie Hebdo and the Legibility of Genre,” Contemporary French Civilization, Special Issue: The Impossible Subject of Charlie Hebdo. May 2016.
  • Europe Un-Imagined: Nation and Culture at a French-German Television Channel. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.
  • “Re-Gathering the Imagined Audience: Shifting Conceptions of Publics at a Transnational Television Channel in Europe.” Television and New Media Vol. 15(5):487-503. July 2014.

Courses Taught

  • Anthropology of Mass Media
  • Introduction to Production of Anthropological Media
  • Public Culture
  • Ethnographic Film and Media
  • Anthropologies of Europe and the West
  • Representing Race