CLA Centers, Institutes and Labs

Center for the Humanities at Temple (CHAT)

The Center for the Humanities at Temple (CHAT) is an interdisciplinary forum for scholarship and intellectual inquiry in the humanities at Temple University. We work to bridge the disciplinary divide between departments and colleges by promoting broad, humanities-based conversations that connect scholars from multiple scholarly fields.

Center for Sustainable Communities

The Center for Sustainable Communities at Temple University conducts integrated social and environmental research on natural, technological, and socio-economic systems to address the challenges of sustainability—how can we meet the needs of people locally and globally through equitable, innovative and practical solutions that protect the environment which sustains life on the planet.

Public Policy Lab

The Public Policy Lab is an intellectual home for researchers who study public policies and the social processes relevant to their development and consequences. Housed in the College of Liberal Arts, the non-partisan Lab provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of contemporary policy issues, research support for faculty and student scholarship and a mechanism to disseminate participants’ research findings.

Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs)

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURA) creates more opportunities for undergraduate students to develop research skills by working with faculty mentors on faculty-led research projects while increasing support for faculty research in the College of Liberal Arts.

College of Liberal Arts Research Awards (CLARAs)

The Dean of CLA invites applications from all tenured and tenure-track faculty for CLA Research Awards (CLARA) to support their research. Preference will be given to those who have not received internal funding from any source this past academic year. These funds are available to support new or ongoing research.

Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)

Temple University’s Office of the Vice President for Research offers specialized services and resources to advance faculty research across the university. The Presidential Arts and Humanities Awards through OVPR offer faculty a wonderful funding opportunity within the university. The OVPR Grant Academy provides grant writing training that is individualized for nominated CLA faculty.

Provost Funding

Temple University offers annual opportunities for faculty to pursue professional development, conduct research and/or creative activities and/or develop methods and materials that improve teaching and curricula. Eligible faculty are encouraged to apply for Grant-in-Aid Awards, Summer Research Awards and sabbaticals. For more information and submission deadlines, please look out for announcements throughout the fall semester.