College News Stories

College News is our blog-like platform for telling the story of the College of Liberal Arts. Here, we share the narratives of our students, alumni, faculty, staff, programs, etc. News stories and media mentions are published to the college news feed and the department, program, center or institute news feed in addition. Media mentions are also featured on faculty profiles.

Please contact Camille Elliott and Rosemary Fahmie in advance of an event, student or faculty award or achievement, new program, or other CLA happening that you feel can further the narrative of the liberal arts and help drive student leads and/or boost the college’s prestige. 

TU Help Ticket Instructions for News Stories and Media Mentions

  • Go to the TU Help Login Page or go to the back-end of your portal, and under the Applications menu select TU Help.
  • Select “Request Help” 
    To add a news post or media mention enter Camille Elliott in the "Referral Details" field.
  • Fill out request ticket with as much detail as possible and submit request. 
    - If this is a media mention request, please include the article, publication, or media outlet url for the mention with a headline for publishing. 
    - If this is a news post request, the ticket should include: a title for the post, body of content and any links for embedding. You can also upload an image

You may also use the CLA Department News Submission Form or the Media Mention Submission Form below, our office receives these submissions as well.

Press Releases and Announcements

The Marketing and Communications team at CLA is happy to assist with the dissemination of press releases and announcements to local and national outlets. Currently, however, we are not in a position to write your release from inception. Please contact Rosemary Fahmie with questions.

Social Media

CLA’s social platforms are: InstagramTwitterFacebookYouTube, and LinkedIn.

If you wish to create a social media profile for your program or department please reach out to Rosemary Fahmie (in advance of creation for brand alignment and consultation). This will also ensure that you are included in the Social Media Managers meetings that are held with all active CLA social media managers.

If you would like us to share any news or announcements about your program or department, please contact us.