Graduate Admissions

Home to one of the largest and most diverse public research institutions in the United States, we offer some of the nation’s most distinguished graduate and doctoral programs in the humanities and social sciences.

Here, you’ll participate in research central to your program and contribute to groundbreaking work that solves real-world problems. You’ll unite with like-minded students and faculty, becoming part of a close-knit community training to change the world.

Prospective graduate students are invited to meet with program faculty, current students and admissions counselors to learn more about our graduate and doctoral programs.

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Programs Admissions Process
Africology and African American Studies

Please submit all required materials by January 15 for Fall admission to the MA and PhD programs in Africology and African American Studies. MA applicants should have a bachelor's degree in African American studies or in a related discipline.  PhD applicants must have a master's degree in African American studies or in a related discipline. 


Before you apply to our PhD in Anthropology program, establish personal contact with at least one faculty member at the Department of Anthropology whose research interests overlap with yours and who might serve as an academic advisor. As an applicant to our graduate program, you should have a bachelor’s degree, but it does not need to be in anthropology. You are not required to have a master’s degree. 

The number of applicants accepted each year varies, depending on such factors as our ability to offer financial support and the availability of faculty members to serve as advisors to new students. In recent years, our newly incoming cohorts have generally had four to six students. The minimum admission standard for all graduate students is an undergraduate grade point average of B, or 3.0 or the functional equivalent for students who attended universities outside the United States.  

Creative Writing

Application deadline for the MFA in Creative Writing is Feb. 15 for Fall Semester. After the February 15 deadline, applications may still be considered on a rolling, case-by-case basis (though not for funding), depending on the availability of space and the applicant’s credentials. Inquire by emailing We only accept applications for Fall admission.

Criminal Justice

Applicants interested in the MA in Criminal Justice and the PhD in Criminal Justice programs should start getting their applications together as soon as possible. Please don’t underestimate the time required to pull together the application pack. When the application is compiled early, it allows time for the department to help you with any last minute problems with the application, or for us to help with any questions you have.

  • **New PhD students are only admitted for the Fall semester there is no Spring admission..**
  • **For September admission to the PhD program the deadline for receipt of all materials is December 15th.**
  • **MA students may apply to start in the Fall or Spring semesters. Application dates are:**

The application deadline for the MA and PhD in Economics programs is Fall is March 1 - for Spring it is November 1. If you don't have previous graduate work in economics, we recommend you apply for Fall admission. If you seek Spring admission, contact our Graduate Director to determine if you have the appropriate background.  


MA and PhD in English applicants should follow the admissions procedures below.  All materials must be submitted online and/or postmarked by February 1. If you would like to be considered for a fellowship or a teaching assistantship, please turn in your materials (including the recommended GRE scores) by December 15.

Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies

If the certificate is to be obtained in conjunction with a master's or doctoral degree, students already admitted to a cooperating Temple University graduate program will be accepted to the Women's Studies Certificate Program on the basis of an internal application and graduate transcripts.

Geography and Information Systems

To apply to the Professional Science Masters and Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems programs, please follow the instructions. 

PSM in GIS Application Deadline:

  • Applications for the Professional Science Master’s in GIS are reviewed on a rolling basis for Fall, Spring and Summer entry.

Graduate Certificate in GIS Deadline:

  • There is no application process for the Graduate Certificate in GIS and students may start taking classes in Fall, Spring or Summer. To get started, email
Geography and Urban Studies

Admission requirements to the MA and PhD programs in Geography and Urban Studies follow the general requirements established by Temple University. The deadline for the MA and PhD program is the same. To apply to the Maters or PhD in Geography and Urban Studies programs, please follow the instructions.  

PhD Application Deadline:

  • Fall: January 15

MA Application Deadline:

  • Applications for the MA are reviewed on a rolling basis for Fall or Spring entry



Admissions requirements to the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in History follows the general requirements established by the Graduate School at Temple University. To apply to the History Masters and PhD programs, please follow the instructions. 

    Liberal Studies

    To apply to the Masters of Liberal Arts program, please follow the instructions. 


    All MS in Neuroscience applicants must meet the requirements for admission listed below. Although the University deadline to apply for the Master's Program is March 1, the MS Neuroscience applications will be considered until April 30, 2018.  All completed applications are reviewed. If you do not meet one or more of the admission requirements (e.g., lacking a lab course; a GRE score below the minimum) your application, if complete, will be reviewed.


    To apply to the MA or PhD in Philosophy programs please follow the instructions below. 

    Application Deadline:

    • January 15 for PhD applications
    • March 1 for MA applications
    • March 1 for MA/MAUB applications
    Political Science

    To apply to the Political Science Masters and PhD programs, please follow the instructions. 


    The Department of Psychology has four Ph.D Programs:  

    • Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    • Clinical
    • Developmental
    • Social

    A student is ultimately accepted into a specific program. However, all Ph.D. applicants must meet the requirements for admission. To apply to a specific Psychology Department Ph.D program please follow the instructions.  Applications are Due December 1st. 

    Public Policy

    To apply to the Masters in Public Policy program, please follow the instructions.


    To apply to the Religion Masters or PhD programs, please follow the instructions. 



    The Department of Sociology offers five graduate degree's; the Master of Arts in Sociology, the Professional Science Master’s in Applied Sociology and the PhD in Sociology.  To apply to the MA or Ph.D in Sociology programs please follow the instructions. 


    To apply to the MA and PhD in Spanish programs please follow the instructions below. The MA and Ph.D degrees may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Please visit the Graduate Bulletin to see program requirements for the Master of Arts in Spanish and for the Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish.