Learning Outside the Classroom

Internships, Community-engaged Learning and Research Opportunities

At the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), students have access to more than just great classes. Our urban setting provides myriad experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom like internships, research endeavors with faculty and community engagement. 

These experiences empower our students to continue developing their skill sets, pursuing their interests and growing into tomorrow’s leaders in challenging but rewarding career paths. 


Internships impart valuable skills that are extensions of those taught in the classroom. They also help students transition from college to work by

  • discovering career possibilities,

  • building professional networks,

  • determining what sort of work they do (and don’t) enjoy, and

  • earning academic credits.

CLA is committed to enhancing students’ professionalism and assisting them in obtaining internships. Visit the Joyce K. Salzberg Center for Professional Development for internship resources dedicated solely to liberal arts students.

Research Opportunities

CLA undergraduates have a variety of research opportunities. These range from developing an independent project, partnering with a faculty member, or working with a university lab or group. Researching under beneficial faculty mentorship

  • teaches students how to think creatively and critically,

  • deepens their understanding of the research topic,

  • helps them develop analytical and problem-solving skills,

  • clarifies their career interests, and

  • strengthens their résumé for a future profession.

Our students are the next generation of independent thinkers and collaborators, problem-solvers and decision-makers. By conducting research, they enrich their education through scholarly examination. Learn more about our undergraduate research opportunities.

Community-engaged Learning

Community-engaged Learning (CEL) is a collaboration between students, faculty and community stakeholders to address a community-identified need. Through collaboratively designed CEL experiences, students

  • develop a richer understanding of how liberal arts disciplines function in real-world applications,

  • hone skills that will aid in future career pursuits and

  • help community organizations gain needed resources.

We encourage our students to create change and contribute to society by volunteering with the local community. Many of our partner organizations rely heavily on volunteers for food distribution, mentoring youth or helping individuals gain access to needed public services. The College of Liberal Arts fosters relationships with local community organizations and emboldens our students to get involved.

CLA also offers a one-credit internship course focused on the importance of personal and community wellness. Students who enroll will support K–8 wellness programming and mentor local students on academic success and personal development. 

Explore more of the college’s community engagement programs.

Public Service Internship Opportunities through the Public Service Cooperative

Students interested in public service can work part time in Philadelphia in either city government or competitive political campaigns. Full-time internship programs are available in Pennsylvania’s capital city Harrisburg, or in the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. For more information, application details and to read about internship experiences from current students, please visit the Political Science Student Life page!

BRIDGE Program

The Building Research Independence by Developing Goals and Hands-on Experiences (BRIDGE) program is designed to give Temple undergraduate students from populations underrepresented in psychology and neuroscience paid summer research experience, individualized mentoring and professional development opportunities. The summer training will allow for students to determine if they’re interested in research and provide them with experiential learning and skill development that will translate into a variety of post-graduation opportunities. Networking opportunities and career development workshops will increase the likelihood students get the job or postgraduate training that they desire. For more information, please visit the BRIDGE website and check out the video below!