If you would like to order products or swag for your department or center the Marketing and Communications team can support these efforts.

When ordering products or swag you should be working with a Temple approved vendor. You can find a comprehensive list of approved vendors in TUmarketplace. Navigate to the left hand menu and click the shopping cart. There you can browse by: supplier, category, etc. to find a vendor who suits your needs. All items with any Temple logo will automatically be reviewed by Central Strategic Marketing and Communications. To ensure your items do not get flagged, please be sure to check all brand elements through CLA’s Marketing and Communications team first. We are happy to help you.

Before Ordering

Consider your departmental budget when ordering products or swag. Costs of production and delivery can rise quickly and we ask that you consider if the product has a return in drawing new students or building a better relationship with current students. You can also set up a meeting with the Marketing and Communications team to discuss the best avenues for supporting your goals.

Vendors We Recommend

We recommend working with our contacts below at two Temple approved vendors to select a product within your budget and our team can help in setting up the deliverable and reviewing proofs that come back from the vendor.

Requesting the imprint (design file)

Once you have selected the product you wish to order along with quantity and delivery date, please reach out to Rosemary Fahmie to recieve the imprint ready file to deliver to your vendor. Our approved vendors will need very specific design lock ups that follow Temple University’s brand guidelines, otherwise the product will be denied by our purchasing office.

Proofing and Invoicing

The vendor will always provide a proof to be approved, please forward that to Rosemary Fahmie for final check. After the product has been delivered, the requester will recieve a PDF invoice via email.