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This is our life’s work—and we’re working to share our life’s next chapter with you. Temple College of Liberal Arts students, alumni and faculty are forging new paths every day in dozens of exciting disciplines, and we want you to know about them! Read about their discoveries, accomplishments and events here and please contact us if you have a story you think we should tell. From Africology to Criminal Justice, from Psychology to Spanish, the College teaches its students how to see the world from new perspectives and make a meaningful impact in their chosen field. Follow their adventures here and see where their journeys lead them next.

image of Andrew Katz

English major Andrew Katz, CLA ’15, successfully published his first novel last year. The Vampire Gideon's Suicide Hotline & Halfway House for Orphaned Girls pokes fun at vampires while delivering an important message about mental health.

Creative Writing, English, First Year Writing Program

portrait of miriam solomon

Philosophy Department Chair and Professor Miriam Solomon is the College of Liberal Arts’ second Guggenheim Fellowship winner in as many years. She’ll use her fellowship to study how to improve the criteria and process for revising psychiatric categories in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.


image of Faithe Beadle

A graduating Psychology and Africology and African American studies major, Faithe Beadle wrote a personal story she wasn’t expecting at the College of Liberal Arts. Now she wants other students to do the same.

Africology and African American Studies, Psychology

photo of student Luke Tomczuk on graphical treatment displaying his name

Temple University has been a part of Luke Tomczuk’s life ever since he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a young child. Now a CLA 2019 student commencement speaker, Tomczuk is an advocate for his fellow classmates with disabilities.

A first-generation college student, Maha Ouni is graduating with honors and will share her story as one of the College of Liberal Arts’ 2019 student commencement speakers. Ouni has some ambitious long-term plans, but there’s something much simpler that’s just as important to her.

History, Political Science