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Mia Rosanio, a printmaking major, was among 62 contestants to enter our political cartoon contest. The image she created about pollution and environmental issues won first place.

Political Science

Image of Asmaa Adullah

Originally from Pennsylvania, Asmaa Abdullah spent 17 years living in Saudi Arabia before returning home. At Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts, she’s continued expanding her already broad worldview and setting herself up for her future.

Psychology, Spanish

The act of anticipation might seem emotional, but inside your brain, it’s something much different. It’s an exercise in focus.


Temple University and the College of Liberal Arts recently held a salary workshop to teach students how to negotiate what they’re worth with employers when presented with job offers.

Every summer, the College of Liberal Arts sends a group of German students to study abroad in Leipzig, Germany. This year, we’re hoping to help fund the experience for four students in need, and you can make it possible.