image of students sitting around a table in the Economics lounge
From L to R: Matthew Drayto, Zachary Somogyi, Karina McKenna and Akash Banerjee

A group of Temple Economics majors - Matthew Drayton (MathEcon-CLA); Zachary Somogyi (Econ-CLA); Karina McKenna (Econ-Fox); and Akash Banerjee (Econ-CLA) - have placed in the finals of The Fiscal Challenge. The Fiscal Challenge is a national competition in which teams of students present policies to reduce the share of the publicly held national debt to 95 percent of GDP by 2054. The competition attracts teams from schools like Princeton University, Notre Dame University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The team will travel to Washington DC for the final round of competition on April 12!