Stellar Faculty Drive Discovery and Ignite Curiosity

Even a cursory look at the College of Liberal Arts faculty reveals the impressive breadth and depth of research that spans the humanities, the social sciences and STEM fields. In geography, for example, a new spatial analytics lab provides tools that allow researchers to inform policy in key areas such as health­care by mapping disease and highlighting geographic health disparities.  Other faculty investigate the social, economic and political impact of the diffusion of new information tech­nologies in the U.S. and across the world. They probe the depths of higher education funding and marry computer science and literature through the digital humanities. Our philosophy faculty does cutting-edge research in the area of biomedical ethics, changing the way we understand the relationship between medicine and our values. Our religion professors write award-winning books that bring new understandings of racial dynamics in American religious history.

Members of our psychology faculty, one of the finest in the country, lead in the study of anxiety disorders, child development and human cognition. Using our new func­tional MRI research center, they will break new ground in understanding the early impact of trauma on developing brains. Our political scientists study how to promote democracy around the world, while military historians conduct interdisciplinary research on the historic and contemporary use of force and diplomacy in a global context—a timely specialty in today’s world. Temple’s criminal justice scholars pursue smarter ways to man­age probation, resulting in smaller prison populations and safer communities.  These examples, which represent a small fraction of our output, are imperative to Temple’s Research I status and our rise through the national rankings.

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