Sustainability Solutions in a Changing World

The Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC) develops and promotes new approaches to sustainable development.

The Center for Sustainable Communities at Temple University conducts integrated social and environmental research on natural, technological and socioeconomic systems to address the challenges of sustainability—how can we meet the needs of people locally and globally through equitable, innovative and practical solutions that protect the environment which sustains life on the planet.

About Us

The Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC) at Temple University Ambler was established in July 2000 to develop and promote new approaches to protect and preserve quality of life through sustainable development. The center, housed in the College of Liberal Arts, draws on resources at both Temple Ambler and Main Campus to conduct interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research for sustainable development. The center draws on expertise from across the social and environmental sciences and diverse methodological approaches that include geospatial analysis and techniques, community-based research and citizen science. CSC is focused on the next frontier of research for understanding and anticipating pressing sustainability challenges as well as for facilitating the contribution of social science and academia to enabling societal transitions toward sustainability.

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