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This is our life’s work—and we’re working to share our life’s next chapter with you. Temple College of Liberal Arts students, alumni and faculty are forging new paths every day in dozens of exciting disciplines, and we want you to know about them! Read about their discoveries, accomplishments and events here and please contact us if you have a story you think we should tell. From Africology to Criminal Justice, from Psychology to Spanish, the College teaches its students how to see the world from new perspectives and make a meaningful impact in their chosen field. Follow their adventures here and see where their journeys lead them next.

Photo of various books from above

Whether you’re staying safe at home or staying socially distanced down the shore, there’s nothing like a good book to help you relax and enjoy your summer break. Need help picking your next book? Check out these suggestions from our faculty.

Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Greek and Roman Classics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion

Photo of Arlene and Leonard Swidler

Professor Len Swidler has been with the College of Liberal Arts for nearly 55 years. Now, the college is honored to be able to create a named chair in our Religion Department thanks to Dr. Swidler’s generous gift to the department he spent his career helping to mold into the marketplace of mixed ideas it is today because of its members’ diverse backgrounds, faiths and expertise.


photo of students presenting at capstone

The Professional Science Master in Geographic Information Systems challenges students to find real-world applications for the advanced technical training they receive in the program. This year’s graduates focused their capstones on their work with Philadelphia City Council, the Share Food Program and several other exciting organizations.

Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Systems, Geography and Urban Studies

Graphic header of a woman of color and the title of the event "race, racism and anti-racism: redefining the social contract"

Department of Africology and African American Studies Chair Molefi Kete Asante discusses the issues of race, racism, anti-racism and America’s “social contract” ahead of his department’s virtual seminar that will search for ways to redefine that contract.

Africology and African American Studies

A group of seven Political Science majors chose to take their professor up on an offer to change the focus of their capstone papers to examining COVID-19 and the pros and cons of having a strong federalist system versus a unified national government.

Political Science