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photo of empty court room and scales

Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Cheryl Irons, a former prosecutor whose courses cover grand jury hearings, has her doubts about whether or not justice was served in the grand jury hearing over Breonna Taylor’s killing. The professor also shares some insight as to how students can work towards a more equitable criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice

illustration of a ballot going into an envelope and into a voting box

As you may have heard, there’s an election coming up. Actually, it’s going on right now in many places across the U.S., like Temple University’s home of Philadelphia. Since the College of Liberal Arts hopes all our students will make their voices heard this election, we asked an election expert to break down the options for voting early in Philly.

Political Science

photo of Vishnu Murty presenting

College of Liberal Arts Neuroscience Assistant Professor Vishnu Murty is hosting a livestream event on Oct. 9 at 1 p.m. During the stream, the professor will discuss the psychology of memory distortion and answer student questions.


photo of three adult students

College is challenging enough when you’re earning a bachelor’s degree at 18, and it can seem even more demanding as a working adult learner with more responsibilities and less time. But enrolling in a program designed specifically to fit your schedule, benefit your career and leverage your past education and work experience makes it achievable and practical.

Liberal Studies

image of data points on urban map

The degree, along with our new Geospatial Data Science Graduate Certificate, will provide students with geospatial analysis, programming and advanced spatial analytical skills, empowering them to advance their careers in a growing field with a wide range of applications.

Geographic Information Systems, Geography and Urban Studies