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You did it. You overcame a global pandemic, virtual classes and myriad other challenges and now it’s time to make the leap from CLA student to CLA alumni. The college is extremely proud of every member of the Class of 2021, and we’re celebrating by highlighting just some of your amazing accomplishments.

Each year, the College of Liberal Arts’ Baccalaureate Awards are won by graduating students who excel academically in the college’s many disciplines. Please join us in celebrating 2021’s winners!

Being a great educator means more than just giving great lectures and presentations. As the 2020-2021 academic year comes to a close, the College of Liberal Arts recognizes the year’s most excellent faculty members with the annual Teaching Awards.

Thanks to a little persistence (and a lot of hard work) Zimri Hinshaw, a 2020 CLA alumnus who majored in Economics, has secured half a million dollars in investments for his company, Bucha Leather. As part of the investments, Bucha Leather is currently taking part in New York City’s IndieBio Accelerator.


Almost three months ago, a political protest at the United States Capitol Building tragically turned violent. Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Steven Windisch explains what might have led ideologues to those disturbing ends and what the criminal justice system can do about it.

Criminal Justice