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Graphic header of a woman of color and the title of the event "race, racism and anti-racism: redefining the social contract"

Department of Africology and African American Studies Chair Molefi Kete Asante discusses the issues of race, racism, anti-racism and America’s “social contract” ahead of his department’s virtual seminar that will search for ways to redefine that contract.

Africology and African American Studies

A group of seven Political Science majors chose to take their professor up on an offer to change the focus of their capstone papers to examining COVID-19 and the pros and cons of having a strong federalist system versus a unified national government.

Political Science

photo of students and adults wearing face masks

Psychology Professor Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, an expert in developmental psychology and child development, discusses how parents, children and education systems are dealing with the new realities of childhood education created by the COVID-19 shutdown.


text based image that reads "2020 baccalaureate award winners"

The College of Liberal Arts’ Baccalaureate Awards are given out every year to students who excel academically in the college’s many disciplines. Please join us in celebrating 2020’s winners!

Every year, the College of Liberal Arts recognizes five outstanding members of our teaching faculty with the Teaching Awards. The ceremony, held over everyone’s favorite video conferencing app, looked a little different this year, but the faculty’s accomplishments were as impressive as ever. Perhaps even more so given the extraordinary conditions they had to overcome.

Intellectual Heritage, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology