image of Jada in a white blouse and black blazer

Jada Fenner is a current undergraduate student in the Criminal Justice program. Read more about her time in the program, favorite courses and much more! 

What do you like most about your experience as CJ student?

I love being a Criminal Justice major at Temple University because it has allowed me to connect and find job opportunities. I have been able to connect with so many professors that are involved in this major. They have all given me insight and guidance over the past few years. Whether it is which classes look good for law school or which clubs should I get involved with related to my major. My major has also allowed me to score my internship at Central Division Victim Services, where I have been working for 10 months. As well as a study abroad opportunity with the Lex Fellowship to study law in Italy.

What are your favorite CJ courses and why?

My favorite course that I have taken as a Criminal Justice major has been Nature of Crime. This class allowed me to combine psychology and criminal justice together and get to an understanding of why people commit crimes. This course has allowed people to open their mind and understand that not everything within crime is so black and white. It is a gray area because everyone has a story and there are many stories and theories of why some people commit crimes.

What would you like to do after your CJ degree and how has your experience prepared you for that goal?

I would like to become a criminal defense attorney with my degree. This experience has allowed me to gather insight on how the law works, various kinds of legislation which impacts people in the U.S., theory on crime and be able to see the difference between parts of the justice system.

How has your perception of what Criminal Justice degree means changed since starting the program?

When I first came to Temple University my major was just psychology. I always had an interest in Criminal Justice, but I always correlated the major with becoming a police officer. After doing my research and taking an Introduction to Criminal Justice course I learned that there is so much more that I could do with this degree.