image of student Dae’Shawn Nixon

Dae'Shawn Nixon is a current MPP student working at the Administration for Children and Families. In addition to pursuing his Master of Public Policy, Dae'Shawn will also graduate with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Continue reading to learn more about Dae'Shawn's role at ACF and why he chose to purse his Certificate in Nonprofit Management. 

Please describe your new position. What does your day-to day look like? 

My role is part of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act, where I am assigned to the Children's Bureau (CB) within the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF). As an IPA in this role, my responsibilities are split 70% within ACF, reporting to the Associate Commissioner, and 30% within Casey Family Programs, reporting to the Senior Advisor of Child Welfare Policy.  

As a Senior Advisor for Youth and Family Engagement, I provide policy analysis, strategic planning, and execution oversight to Associate Commissioner Aysha E. Schomburg's strategic priorities for advancing national efforts to address disproportionality and inequity in the child welfare system and to strengthen the capacity of families. Further duties include supporting activities that represent collaborations between the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS/ACYF) and Casey Family Programs. 

How do you feel like the MPP program helps you in your new role? 

The MPP program has been a great guide in practice, as many of the skills learned from the coursework directly apply to my role and responsibilities. For example, one of the first electives I attended was Project Management, where I learned to manage my time and think in systems. This priceless skill has boosted confidence in my skills in fostering collaboration and strategic planning. In addition, Temple's professors are supportive and offer relative insight into current events. 

Why did you decide to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management? 

My first job was for a nonprofit organization that provided mental and behavioral health services and additional resources to the surrounding community. I occupied this role long enough to see the impact of nonprofit organizations. Therefore I chose to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management to understand how to properly manage a nonprofit and skills to improve upon as the Co-Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Delaware Alliance Against Sexual Violence. 

How do you balance your schoolwork with your job responsibilities? 

Managing schoolwork along with a full-time job is only possible with proper preparation. To stay organized, I apply the skills I have learned throughout the MPP program and my professional experience to handle at-home duties while traveling for work and make time for self-care- I live by my IOS calendar. In addition, I utilize the weekends to plan for the week ahead and intentionally dedicate time to exercise and playing Xbox to relax.