Ivyanna Colón-Greider and Matheus Fronza

Two LAS majors were recognized for their superlative academic performance with awards by the Pan American Association of Philadelphia:

Matheus Fronza (double-major in Latin American Studies and Economics) was awarded the 2021 Alejandro Reyes Scholar Award ($5, 000) to be used for his senior year expenses at Temple this year, and Ivyanna Colón-Greider (double-major in Latin American Studies and Spanish) received the graduating senior 2021 Janice Bond Senior Award ($250).

Professor Ron Webb (Latin American Studies) and Rafael Arismendi served as Co-Chairs of the Education Committee. Other members of the Committee included Dr. Richard Gioso (St. Joseph's University), Matthew J. Comisky, and Pelayo Coll (Esquire). You can view the award ceremony.

The Scholarships of the Pan American Association of Philadelphia are intended to encourage and reward area college students for their academic achievement, community service, and engagement with Latin America. Over the years, the Association has increased its support for the program and now awards nearly $20,000 in scholarships annually.

Those selected to receive Association scholarships are invited to an award ceremony held annually in April to commemorate Pan American Day.