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This is our life’s work—and we’re working to share our life’s next chapter with you. Temple College of Liberal Arts students, alumni and faculty are forging new paths every day in dozens of exciting disciplines, and we want you to know about them! Read about their discoveries, accomplishments and events here and please contact us if you have a story you think we should tell. From Africology to Criminal Justice, from Psychology to Spanish, the College teaches its students how to see the world from new perspectives and make a meaningful impact in their chosen field. Follow their adventures here and see where their journeys lead them next.

photo of the teaching award winners on a zoom call

Every year, the College of Liberal Arts recognizes five outstanding members of our teaching faculty with the Teaching Awards. The ceremony, held over everyone’s favorite video conferencing app, looked a little different this year, but the faculty’s accomplishments were as impressive as ever. Perhaps even more so given the extraordinary conditions they had to overcome.

Intellectual Heritage, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology

Headshot photos of each of the 8 grad students

The College of Liberal Arts is excited that so many amazing master’s and doctoral students are graduating this month and joining our alumni network! None of us thought your final semester here would have taken the turn it did, but you overcame it all and completed your graduate studies. Now it’s time for us to celebrate!

The College of Liberal Arts is excited to have so many amazing seniors joining our alumni network by graduating this month! The circumstances of your final semester with us were unusual, to say the least, but you didn’t let them hold you back. You made it! Now, let’s celebrate together!

Anthropology, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Studies, Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies, Geography and Urban Studies, Global Studies, Sociology, Spanish

Photo of Hannah Simko in medical attire

Hannah Simko, CLA ’14, uses the skills she learned as a Neuroscience major to help patients recovering from strokes, brain injuries and other debilitating diagnoses. These days, the occupational therapist is during her work covered in personal protective equipment so she can provide patients with the physical contact they need.


Julia Wolanski, CST ’16 and CLA ’17, joined the Philadelphia Department of Public Health in March as a geospatial research associate and is spending her days researching the spread of COVID-19 throughout the city.

Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Systems, Geography and Urban Studies