University Community Collaborative News

We provide a continuum of leadership opportunities for youth and young adults aged 14 to 24. The Collaborative Continuum is designed to keep youth engaged at different levels, capacities, and ages within our organization over an extended period of time. Each program culminates in a final project, either a video or youth-organized workshop or training.

Last weekend POPPYN caught up with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at the Netroots Nation Conference and got to ask her a couple of questions about her experience as a refugee and youth engagement in politics. Check it out and stay tuned for an upcoming segment on #NN19 featuring youth organizers from across the country. You can view the video

The POWER Internship

This past spring, POWER Interns produced two new podcasts.  "Reflections" is an educational podcast about body positivity and self-love and how those concepts actually work in real life.  In "The Lockdown of Women's Choice," POWER Interns examine the state of abortion access and misinformation in America. Tune in here.


Our Communications Manager Nuala Cabral, who oversees the Collab’s Teach Consent Workshop Program, co-facilitated a workshop series for educators, parents and youth about building consent culture in Philly schools. The series, part of Teacher Action Group’s Inquiry to Action (iTAG) Program, culminated in a workshop led by participants at the Education for Liberation Conference and an evening of educators testifying at the Philadelphia School Board.

POWER Interns screened their recent documentary Ten Years Too Long: Funding, Taxes and Philadelphia Schools at two Town Halls this month where they joined a panel discussion with City Council members about school funding.

Another summer to send Philly students to study abroad! We are happy to partner with the Experiment in International Living to make this experience accessible to our students. To learn more or donate, please visit our Crowd Fund.