By: Kaitlyn Sutton

It’s that time of year when the studying ramps up and the noise seems to follow. If you’re looking for a quiet place to cozy up this study season, check out these three College of Liberal Arts spots.

Intellectual Heritage Lounge (215 Anderson Hall)

This slice of sanctuary offers near silence, but do anticipate some occasional light foot traffic. You’ll find four-person tables, couches and a ton of chairs. It’s easily accessible from the stairwell or elevators and is a great convenience during class breaks.

Weiss Hall Sixth-Floor Lounge and Back Hallways

Venture over to the Weiss’ sixth floor (where our Psychology Department is housed) to find some peace and quiet away from Anderson and Gladfelter’s hustle and bustle. Be sure to pack your study snacks alongside your books, as you are welcome to eat here. If you can’t find a seat in the main lounge, check out the back hallways for additional tables and seating.

Gladfelter Hall 10th-Floor Lounge

This little-known spot is located on Gladfelter Hall’s top floor and is a hidden gem for getting work done. You’ll have to bring your laptop, but this space has plenty of comfy couches and chairs—just don’t get *too* comfy and fall asleep during that online exam!

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