By: Nick Santangelo

The College of Liberal Arts is excited to announce that 10 of our students have been accepted into Temple University’s 2019 Diamond Research Scholars Program! Each Diamond Scholar is awarded a $4,000 stipend to spend 10 summer weeks developing a research project with a faculty mentor before completing their project as a for-credit independent study in the fall.

In addition to CLA’s 10 Diamond Scholars, Temple also accepted two students from other colleges who chose CLA faculty members as their mentors into the program.

Our 2019 scholars and faculty mentors are:

Allison Amodea, Neuroscience: Cell & Molecular Major
Project Title: “The Evolution of Female-Focused Care: Linking the Hidden History of Women's Medical Care to Today's Failures”
Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Craig, Philosophy Department

Selena Baugh, Sociology Major
Project Title: “Dismissed: An Analysis of the Nation’s Underserved Students”
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Goyette, Sociology Department

Chau Do, Neuroscience Major
Project Title: “Molecular Underpinnings of Drug Craving in Rodent Models of Addiction”
Faculty Mentor: Mathieu Wimmer, Psychology and Neuroscience Department

Steven Hamilton, Economics Major
Project Title: “Social Welfare Functions: Toward a Normative Framework for Categorization”
Faculty Mentor: Dimitrios Diamantaras, Economics Department

John Harris, Philosophy Major
Project Title: “The Kantian Misinterpretation of Adherence in our Aesthetic Judgments of Architecture”
Faculty Mentor: Lara Ostaric, Philosophy Department

Christopher Hsieh, Political Science Major
Project Title: “Understanding Yuanzhumin Identity in Relation to Taiwanese Self-Determination Movement”
Faculty Mentor: Roselyn Hsueh, Political Science Department

Jarryd Kainz, Political Science Major
Project Title: “The Kurdish State: A Proposal for Political Unification”
Faculty Mentor: Lauren Farmer, Political Science Department

Joseph Salzer, Mathematical Economics Major
Project Title: “A Cost Benefit Analysis of Free College Tuition”
Faculty Mentor: Douglas Webber, Economics Department

Megan Shaud, Psychology and Criminal Justice Major
Project Title: “Dually Involved Youth's Impacted Socioemotional Development Through Negative Attitudes Towards the Community”
Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Ward, Criminal Justice Department

Sean Starosta, Economics Major
Project Title: “Responsibility Centered Management and Its Effect on Student Outcomes”
Faculty Mentor: Douglas Webber, Economics Department

Ellen Taraskiewicz, History Major
Project Title: “Avukah at Temple University: Zionism on College Campuses Pre-1948”
Faculty Mentor: Lila Corwin Berman, History Department

Kenny Thach, Sociology Major
Project Title: “A Cross-Game Look at Trans Representation in Video Games”
Faculty Mentor: Adrienne Shaw, Media Studies and Production Department

Congratulations to all of the scholars! The college can’t wait to see the results of your research and looks forward to many more students following in their footsteps.

Interested? Students can review the eligibility criteria and then begin applying for the 2020 program in December.

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