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570 million total speakers. 480 million native speakers. Twenty countries. One language. Spanish is the world’s second-most-popular language, and here you’ll discover the stories of Temple students who pursue its study. Follow their paths and contact us if you have a story you feel should be shared here. Temple’s Spanish program explores the linguistics, cultures and literature of Spanish-speaking peoples. Students learn to clearly communicate in both verbal and written form a language that is growing in usage domestically and abroad at an astounding rate. Our professors prepare students for their journeys ahead with careers in translation, business, law, healthcare and much more.

Liliana Velasquez survived a perilous journey from Guatemala to the United States. Last Wednesday, she told her story, now a book called Sueños y Pesadillas (Dreams and Nightmares), with CLA Spanish students.

Hero image of the 8 Fullbright Winners

Here’s what our eight Fulbright winners for 2018 had to say about Temple University and their awards.

Image of Paige Hill and Anna Manogue

Anna Manogue and Paige Hill captured two of Temple University’s six 2018 Livingstone Awards for outstanding undergraduate research projects.

a group of students with a temple flag in ecuador

This year’s Latin American Studies trip took students to Quito, Ecuador for three weeks. They returned with a greater understanding of Spanish and great stories to tell.

Professor Matt Wray

The History Department’s weekly Teach-In explores the Catalan independence movement and its historical context.