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No two societies are exactly the same, nor are any two stories about the individuals of those societies. The College of Liberal Arts encourages you to delve into each story here about our Sociology students, alumni and faculty and contact us if you have a Temple Sociology story of your own to share. Temple students research the diverse societies of today’s world, as well as the civilizations that came before and contributed to the evolution of the communities we now inhabit. The Sociology faculty challenges students to search out answers for societal problems and to better understand the individual’s place in contemporary societies. As they study to better understand the world, follow them here to better understand them.

image of Judith Levine

PPL Director Judith Levine, discusses gender, poverty and the wage gap. Read the full article Why are women still earning less than men? in Temple Now.

photo of temple university campus bell tower

College of Liberal Arts Dean Richard Deeg addresses our students, alumni, faculty and staff on the crucial topics of diversity, race and anti-bias.

Photos of Rebecca Croog and CiAuna Heard merged together

We check in with Geography and Urban Studies PhD Rebecca Croog and Sociology PhD CiAuna Heard now that they’ve begun their ACLS Emerging Voice Fellowships at Harvard University and Emory University, respectively.

illustrative image showing corona virus cells falling off an upwards arrow

Sociology Professor and Founding Director of the Hope Center Sara Goldrick-Rab recently worked with the Well-Being Trust, at the behest of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation, to establish a COVID-19 recovery blueprint for higher-education. Here, she shares what students can do to help make the plan possible.