Religion News

The Religion Department’s mission was fueled by the wisdom of the great scholar of comparative religion Max Mueller: “if you know only one religion, you really don’t know any.” To help us spread knowledge about all religions, please contact us if you have a Temple University religion story. What kinds of stories should be told? Anything compelling that relates to Temple’s scholastic investigation of how religious worldviews affect business, politics, medicine, the arts, healthcare and more. It’s not enough to know just one religion; at Temple, our students engage in pluralistic religious study and leave as graduates who see entire cultures and societies in new lights.

Professor Vasiliki Limberis will present at the Consortium on Women, Marriage, and the Household to be held February 19 at Temple University, sponsored by the Mellman Fellowship. It is interdisciplinary with Classics, Art History, Religion and History, covering the periods of Antiquity through the Late Medieval.

On Monday, April 23, Professor Laura Levitt will give a talk at Free Library of Philadelphia 1901 Vine Street, Room 108, Philadelphia, PA 19103 about how cultures currently observe the Shoah, and how this may evolve in the coming years. The talk is titled as “The Future of Holocaust Commemoration: Living Memory.“ For the details of the talk, please visit the Eventbrite website.

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, Professor Laura Levitt from the Department of Religion will give a talk at a symposium, The Evidence Room - The Holocaust in Context, held by The Royal Ontario Museum 100 in Queen’s Park, Toronto.

The Department of Religion deeply mourns the passing of Professor John C. Raines, a cornerstone and taproot of so much of what we, as an intellectual and humanitarian community, have meant and achieved over the years. A renowned Christian ethicist and social justice activist, and for more than 40 years a professor of religion at Temple University, John died peacefully at home in Philadelphia on November 12, 2017, surrounded by his loving family. He is and always will be sorely missed and a true inspiration to us all. May his soul rest in peace.

On Monday October 27th in the Women s Studies Lounge our Department Chair and Professor, Terry Rey gave a wonderful talk about his new book The Priest and the Prophetesse (Oxford University Press, 2017) as a part of Global faculty lecture series. The discussant, professor Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken (City College of New York), responded to his talk. The Director of Global Studies Mark A. Pollack gave an opening speech.