Religion News

The Religion Department’s mission was fueled by the wisdom of the great scholar of comparative religion Max Mueller: “if you know only one religion, you really don’t know any.” To help us spread knowledge about all religions, please contact us if you have a Temple University religion story. What kinds of stories should be told? Anything compelling that relates to Temple’s scholastic investigation of how religious worldviews affect business, politics, medicine, the arts, healthcare and more. It’s not enough to know just one religion; at Temple, our students engage in pluralistic religious study and leave as graduates who see entire cultures and societies in new lights.

Editor-in-Chief of the 84,000 Project, Dr. James Gentry visited Temple on October 10th to discuss the project's origins, mission, procedures, and progress, as well as the challenges it has faced. This paramount project was created so that everyone may have free online access to Buddhist scriptures that have been translated into English and other modern languages.

Image of PhD student Shahid Nigro

One of our graduate students, Shahid Nigro, was nominated for an award by a former student of his. Shahid will be recognized with the other nominees during halftime of Temple’s Men's Soccer team's Most Valuable Professor game. The game will be held at the Temple Sports Complex located at 1300 Master St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 on Tuesday October 1st, 2019. Keep up the good work Shahid!

Dr. Zain Abdullah hosted a symposium about Yarrow Mamout at Temple University before leading those in attendance to the Philadelphia Art Museum to view the famous 1819 painting of Mamout. The talk focused on the connection of  two prominent Philadelphians, the painter Charles Willson Peale, and Yarrow Mamout.  The three guest speakers also addressed some major issues of our time: xenophobia and civility, religious violence and pluralism, exclusion and inclusion, immigration and the Muslim ban.


collage of all 6 fulbright winners

The College of Liberal Arts has another class of outstanding Fulbright students for 2019. Discover who they are, why they chose the College of Liberal Arts, what they want to study with their scholarships and what steps they recommend aspiring Fulbrighters take to follow in their footsteps.

On June 7, 2019, our graduate student Randy Goldson made a media appearance as a guest on Nationwide 90FM, a radio station in Jamaica, to discuss the possible repeal of the Obeah Act in Jamaica.