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The Religion Department’s mission was fueled by the wisdom of the great scholar of comparative religion Max Mueller: “if you know only one religion, you really don’t know any.” To help us spread knowledge about all religions, please contact us if you have a Temple University religion story. What kinds of stories should be told? Anything compelling that relates to Temple’s scholastic investigation of how religious worldviews affect business, politics, medicine, the arts, healthcare and more. It’s not enough to know just one religion; at Temple, our students engage in pluralistic religious study and leave as graduates who see entire cultures and societies in new lights.

This week, the College of Liberal Arts honored its 2019 Teaching Awards winners while wishing a fond farewell to this year’s retiring faculty members.

On Wednesday April 17, Professor Limberis and Professor Leuchter gave a talk discussing decisive moments of Christianity and Judaism in the first century C.E. About 30 students gathered in the Department of Religion Lounge and enjoyed the talk with refreshments.

photo reproduction of painting by Tanner (1899)

Religion Associate Professor Nyasha Junior and Professor Mark Leuchter recently contributed to the creation of Jesus: His Life, a History Channel miniseries reflecting on how Jesus was viewed by those who knew him best.

On April 23, Professor Duckworth will give a talk about "Ethics and Emptiness in the ways of Bodhisattva" at Stockton University. 


Image of Douglas Duckworth

Our graduate director, Professor Douglas Duckowrth has published two new books from Oxford University Press. Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Nature is the first thematic overview of Tibetan Buddhist thought.