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The Religion Department’s mission was fueled by the wisdom of the great scholar of comparative religion Max Mueller: “if you know only one religion, you really don’t know any.” To help us spread knowledge about all religions, please contact us if you have a Temple University religion story. What kinds of stories should be told? Anything compelling that relates to Temple’s scholastic investigation of how religious worldviews affect business, politics, medicine, the arts, healthcare and more. It’s not enough to know just one religion; at Temple, our students engage in pluralistic religious study and leave as graduates who see entire cultures and societies in new lights.

Join Temple University Department of Religion’s associate professor Dr. Nyasha Junior as she answer’s Dr. Ellen Muehlberger’s (professor of History and Middle East Studies at the University of Michigan) questions regarding her research trajectory as a biblical scholar. The event is a Zoom event through University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Classical Studies and it will commence on Thursday October 15 at 430PM (ET).

image of book cover, Black Samson The Untold Story of an American Icon

Dr. Nyasha Junior and Dr. Jeremy Schipper’s recent collaboration, Black Samson: The Untold Story of an American Icon, educates readers on the impact the biblical character of Samson has had on race relations in America. African Americans identified those who challenged racial oppression in America with Samson and his story became the story of our nation's contested racial history. Do not miss Dr. Junior and Dr. Schipper’s virtual event, hosted by the Boston Athenaeum, as they discuss this impactful icon with moderator David Waters.

image of Nyasha Junior

On Thursday October 8th, 2020 our own Dr. Nyasha Junior (Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Studies, Biblical Studies, the Hebrew Bible, and African American Religions) will join Dr. Catherine Brekus (Charles Warren Professor of the History of Religion in America) to discuss the Protestant icon Jarena Lee. The event is hosted by the Harvard Divinity School and will be entirely online.

Photo of various books from above

Whether you’re staying safe at home or staying socially distanced down the shore, there’s nothing like a good book to help you relax and enjoy your summer break. Need help picking your next book? Check out these suggestions from our faculty.

Photo of Arlene and Leonard Swidler

Professor Len Swidler has been with the College of Liberal Arts for nearly 55 years. Now, the college is honored to be able to create a named chair in our Religion Department thanks to Dr. Swidler’s generous gift to the department he spent his career helping to mold into the marketplace of mixed ideas it is today because of its members’ diverse backgrounds, faiths and expertise.