Political Science News

Politics have always been profoundly important, but their contemporary upheaval and increased attention paid to them today makes academic study of government all the more necessary. Read up on the latest happenings of Temple’s Political Science students, alumni and faculty below and contact us if you have a story of your own worth sharing. What sorts of stories belong here? The Department of Political Science examines domestic and foreign politics and policy making. From world diplomacy to healthcare to the environment, our students and faculty take a holistic approach to better understanding the entirety of the political machine so they can help guide policy and move the country and the world forward.

CLA is currently offering students an elective about one of the most significant current political movements in Europe: Brexit. And even those students not specifically interested in British politics will learn much that they can apply elsewhere.

Photo of students in air traffic control tower at philadelphia airport

During a recent trip to Philadelphia International Airport, 19 College of Liberal Arts students learned about dozens of paid internship opportunities while seeing how the government shutdown was affecting real people.

Mia Rosanio, a printmaking major, was among 62 contestants to enter our political cartoon contest. The image she created about pollution and environmental issues won first place.

Image of Professor Roslyn Hsueh and student Diana Chogo

Diane Chogo’s political science-focused paper on the effects of African Americans on Africa was such a success that she was able to present it at the nationally competitive Emerging Scholars Conference at the University of Michigan.

Political Science Chair Robin Kolodny shared some of the biggest takeaways from the 2018 midterm election with College of Liberal Arts students as part of the History Department’s final Teach-in event of the 2018 fall semester.