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Politics have always been profoundly important, but their contemporary upheaval and increased attention paid to them today makes academic study of government all the more necessary. Read up on the latest happenings of Temple’s Political Science students, alumni and faculty below and contact us if you have a story of your own worth sharing. What sorts of stories belong here? The Department of Political Science examines domestic and foreign politics and policy making. From world diplomacy to healthcare to the environment, our students and faculty take a holistic approach to better understanding the entirety of the political machine so they can help guide policy and move the country and the world forward.

Artwork of an asian woman wearing a mask that reads "hate is a virus"

Today (Oct. 26), the college will host this semester’s signature event, the Rise in Anti-Asian Sentiments: Racism, Xenophobia & COVID-19. Please join us for this virtual, interactive discussion and come back the next two days as we continue these crucial, critical talks about issues you or your classmates may be facing right now.

illustration of a ballot going into an envelope and into a voting box

As you may have heard, there’s an election coming up. Actually, it’s going on right now in many places across the U.S., like Temple University’s home of Philadelphia. Since the College of Liberal Arts hopes all our students will make their voices heard this election, we asked an election expert to break down the options for voting early in Philly.

Jackie Golden is a current Political Science and Master of Public Policy +1 program student in the College of Liberal Arts. In her role as a Policy Intern for Philadelphia City Council Member Isaiah Thomas, Jackie recently led an informative teach-in on voting by mail in Pennsylvania. You can watch the presentation and learn what you need to know about voting in 2020. Congratulations on a great job, Jackie!


image of Kareem, Hannah and Eric

We are thrilled to share that MPP student Kareem Groomes was selected as one of the inaugural recipients of PIDC’s D’Alessio Scholarships for Urban Development! 

Artemy Kalinovsky, the College of Liberal Arts Professor of Intergrative Knowledge recently published an article titled Russian Moves in Afghanistan Are About Regional Stability, Not Revenge on US in Russia Matters.