By: Margaret Crane

For over 30 years, the Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic (CAADC) at Temple has given education outreach presentations to community members. These presentations are given to caregivers, school staff (teachers and/or mental health staff), and clinicians in the community. Although the exact content varies based on the audience, the presentations cover information about how anxiety disorders typically present in children and adolescents, how to identify kids who may need additional levels of assistance, strategies for parents and/or schools to use to address anxiety, an overview of what treatment looks like, and some tips about how to find a child anxiety therapist. The aim of these presentations is to provide caregivers, school staff members, and clinicians with evidence-based information for how to identify and address youth anxiety. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, CAADC staff have offered outreach presentations via zoom. With the exception of a minor technology glitch (a power outage), the CAADC has found that the virtual format increases the accessibility of these initiatives. Across multiple presentations, they have reached approximately 260 caregivers, school staff members, and community clinicians. These presentations, guided by Dr. Kendall, were given by graduate students Lesley Norris, Kate Phillips, Colleen Maxwell, Jonathan Rabner, and Margaret Crane. 

To set up a presentation, staff at schools and community organizations are contacted via an email. Many staff members have expressed that our presentation is especially relevant in the COVID context. CAADC presenters have tailored the examples (to account for COVID times), but the core for treating youth anxiety principles remain the same. A presentation to Haddonfield School District was organized through the schools. Libraries, including Radnor Township Library and the North Central Philadelphia Public Library, have also been interested in receiving this information. A Community Behavioral Health in Philadelphia presentation was a brief training to community clinicians on cognitive behavioral therapy for youth anxiety. One CAADC staff member participated in a town hall organized by West Chester Families for Brick and Mortar Learning. Without discussing the politics of remote learning, the presenters provided information about how caregivers can help their children’s socioemotional wellbeing during COVID.  

The CAADC has scheduled five more outreach presentations for Spring 2021. We are making increased efforts to reach schools in lower income areas as well as community organizations who serve diverse populations. If you are interested in scheduling a CAADC outreach presentation for your community, please contact Margaret Crane,

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