By: Nick Santangelo

Now that you’re finished spending the weekend giving thanks, we’d like to give you our thanks. If you’re able to give to the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) today, Giving Tuesday, thank you! Anything you can give today will help create opportunities for your fellow members of the CLA community.

Speaking of which, a few community members who’ve already given today want to spread the word about why they supported CLA on Giving Tuesday.

Bonds That Inspire Pride

Alex Whitney, CLA ‘15, says it’s important to support current students because CLA gave so much to him.

“Any way I can support my department and college to give thanks for the knowledge, friendships and lifelong memories they have given me, I will,” says Whitney. “There’s a unique bond between CLA students that gives us such pride on where we come from.”

It’s Time to Pay It Forward

For Charlotte Myer, CLA ‘18, supporting CLA on Giving Tuesday this year was all about remembering a sense of community despite 2020’s challenges.

“I enjoyed outstanding programs while I was at Temple, and I am glad that I can pay it forward now. With all of us apart, making a contribution to the programs I love keeps me connected to our community!”

Engagement and Exposure Matter

Kristin Grubb, CLA ‘09, felt a need to support the departments and programs that supported her as a student.

“My CLA coursework helped shape who I am as a person today,” says Grubb. “It strengthened my critical thinking, writing, leadership and communication skills, and the intellectual engagement and exposure to a diverse group of faculty and students provided insight and perspective that helped solidify my values and beliefs.”

Showing Gratitude Is Meaningful

When John Ewell, CLA '87, and his wife Lynne Ewell, ENG ’86 thought of their time at CLA, the connections they made here and how the experiences shaped their lives, they just wanted to say thanks.

“We feel a strong sense of gratitude to Temple for our undergraduate experiences, the lifelong friends we made and the degrees we earned, which provided a gateway to our careers,” says John Ewell. “Giving back to Temple allows us the opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation.”

Everyone Should Have Access to Higher Ed

Not content to share just one reason for giving, the Ewells also pointed out that they support CLA in providing affordable, excellent collegiate opportunities to culturally and economically diverse students.

“We came from families that are similar those of current Temple students, and we recognize how the cost of education has increased significantly,” adds John Ewell. “We hope that our financial support can offsets the cost of education for families in need.”

Temple Is Philadelphia

It’s often said that Temple embodies the spirit of Philadelphia and vice versa. Nancy Tabas, CLA ‘73, wanted to support the school in that endeavor.

“It’s a first-class university at a great value,” explains Tabas. “Philadelphia needs a strong, urban university, and that’s what Temple is. I want to help develop pride in students and inspire future alumni to give back.”

Local Roots, Global Reach

It hasn’t been lost on Henry Lewis, CLA ’69, LAW ’73, that campus life around Temple has changed dramatically since it went from being a commuter school years ago to a destination today.

“I give back to the College of Liberal Arts because the quality of education and educational opportunities it provides for students is unmatched,” says Lewis. “Temple is exciting—the university is noticed for its community projects and is now recognized nationally.”

The Memories Are Fresh

It wasn’t so long ago that Ashton Adams, CLA ‘17, KLN ’17, was walking around campus as a student. The experience was so overwhelmingly positive, that he sees no reason not to give back immediately.

"As a young alumnus, it's important for me to give back to CLA on Giving Tuesday,” asserts Adams. “I was connected with so many outstanding opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t have been possible without alumni giving, and it feels great to know that I am part of providing that opportunity to the next generation.”

The Pursuit of Knowledge Is Never-Ending

Gaetano Piccirilli, CLA ‘01, LAW ’04, saw giving back as an opportunity to reconnect with the college and support today’s students, faculties and departments.

“CLA’s coursework prepared me for my post-graduate education, my career, civic engagement and, more generally, life,” says Piccirilli. “I’m fortunate to show CLA my support on Giving Tuesday so that this generation of CLA students can say the same.”

Please consider making your own gift to CLA on this Giving Tuesday and spreading the word.

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