New Faculty Profile: Lara Ostaric

Today’s new faculty profile is on Marina Mikhaylova. Sarah will be joining the Department of Anthropology this fall. Please take a moment and learn more about Marina, including her research, personal interests and what she loves most about Philadelphia and TU so far! If you see Marina around be sure to give ger a great big TU welcome!

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Name: Lara Ostaric

Hometown: Rijeka, Croatia

Department: Philosophy

Undergrad: University of Chicago

Grad/PhD: Norte Dame

What is the last book you read for leisure? The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

What research are you currently doing or interested in starting? 

What is your favorite travel destination? Sailing the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Rome, Florence,

What do you like most about Temple/Philadelphia so far? The arts, friendly people, and neighborhoods

What attracted you to work as a professor?

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