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Temple University’s Neuroscience professors take students on a journey through the mind in search of exciting new discoveries. Here, the College of Liberal Arts will take you through the journeys those bright minds embark on during their time at Temple and beyond. Read the student, alumni and faculty stories here and contact us if you have a Temple Neuroscience story of your own you think should be shared. Undergraduate and graduate students experience a hands-on approach to learning that includes studying ADHD, addiction, depression, age-related disorders, anxiety and more. Guided by the faculty, students conduct exciting research using modern techniques to help them make a difference in the classroom and beyond. See where their inquisitive minds take them.

photo of Debra Bangasser

Dr. Debra Bangasser is joining the Editorial Board of Hormones and Behavior, the Official Journal of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. Congratulations! 


Liacouras center at graduation

As the Class of 2017 leaves undergraduate life behind, we asked a few of our new alumni about their fondest Temple memories, their favorite classes and their advice for future Owls.

Debra Bangasser

Because men and women react to medications differently, allowing drugs to be tested on female animals as well as male animals may result in better understanding of how medications impact both sexes.

Graphic showing connections in the brain and social networks

According to new research from Temple’s Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, neural “wiring” can predict how social we are.

Students working in a wet lab at Weiss Hall

Students in both disciplines take advantage of their department's emphasis on undergraduate research and real world experience.