Latin American Studies News

With a history that stretches back at least 14,000 years, Latin America is full of exciting culture and history waiting to be discovered by Temple students. Here, you’ll discover the stories of those students along with the alumni and faculty of our Latin American Studies program, and you can contact us if you have another story idea you’d like to see shared on our website. Latin American stretches from North American to Central America to the Caribbean to South America, with each region and country flowing with an embarrassment of cultural riches. Temple Latin American Studies professors develop their students into experts on this diverse region who can speak from a position of authority on its biggest issues.

Photo of Hiram Aldarondo

Hiram Aldarondo, a College of Liberal Arts faculty member and administrator for the past 22 years, has been promoted to senior associate dean for academic affairs in the Office of the Dean.

a group of students with a temple flag in ecuador

This year’s Latin American Studies trip took students to Quito, Ecuador for three weeks. They returned with a greater understanding of Spanish and great stories to tell.

Students in Temple's Latin American Studies Semester program

Students from across the university flock to the College of Liberal Arts' Latin American Studies Semester, an immersive language and culture program that culminates in a three-week trip abroad.

Pablo Vila

Pablo Vila's outstanding achievements are shaping important societal issues, and his work is widely praised in the fields of sociology, Latin American studies, history, popular culture and musicology.  Vila has also served as a visiting professor in Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Argentina. He has received grants from the Ford Foundation, Inter-American Foundation and the Social Science Research Council, as well as multiple research awards from Temple University.