History News

Who are we, and where are we going? For the answers, the Department of History looks to the past to see where we came from. Below you’ll find chronicles of our History students, alumni and faculty, and you can contact us if you think you have a History story that should be published here. Students learn about the political, cultural, industrial and revolutionary movements that led to the rise and fall of civilizations across time. Their interest in uncovering the patterns and watershed breaks from tradition that shaped our world is encouraged by a passionate faculty eager to show them the past while preparing them for their future.

photo of Dr. Harry Edwards sitting and talking with Howard Bryant

Sociologist and civil rights activist Dr. Harry Edwards sat down with author and ESPN Senior Writer Howard Bryant to discuss the issue of black athlete protests at Temple University’s Performing Arts Center.

Temple University Japan Professor Robert Dujarric visited the Main Campus for a History Department Teach-in and spoke about how America’s allies are reacting to the current American political landscape.

Kapeghian has dual CLA degrees in history and political science, but he works in technology, and he thinks today’s students should follow his lead and consider other disciplines when job hunting.

Hero image of the 8 Fullbright Winners

Here’s what our eight Fulbright winners for 2018 had to say about Temple University and their awards.

Image of Paige Hill and Anna Manogue

Anna Manogue and Paige Hill captured two of Temple University’s six 2018 Livingstone Awards for outstanding undergraduate research projects.