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Learn about the ancient world—through the eyes of the modern day. Here you’ll find stories about the students, alumni and faculty of Temple University’s Department of Greek and Roman Classics. Think you have a great idea for a Greek or Roman story of your own? Contact us about it. We’d love to hear from you! From history to mythology, from language to culture, the Department imparts in students a passion for these marvelous classic civilizations and an understanding of how the lessons from the past can inform the decisions of the future. Whether majoring or minoring in Classical Languages and Literature or Classical Civilization, have entire worlds to explore.

Illustration of sphinx, cyclops and minotaur

Greek and Roman Classics Associate Professor Karen Klaiber Hersch recently appeared on the Science Channel’s Mythical Beasts to speak about the origin and evolution of legendary creatures like the Cyclops, Sphinx and Minotaur.

Follow the picaresque path that brought recent Classics and Literature graduate Anthony Parenti ’14 to the University of Kentucky, where he is pursuing his master’s degree.

Eamonn Connor

Eamonn Connor ’12 was always interested in the classics — even during his time as a member of the Army’s bomb squad. We asked Connor about his unique journey to Temple.

CHAT art exhibition

Inaugural awardees include 15 individual and 20 collaborative projects that involve a total of 76 faculty researchers.

Temple University has selected the first batch of recipients for its Presidential Humanities and Arts Research Program Grant Awards, according to a press release issued last week by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

CLA student Tom Higgins has been awarded a scholarship from the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia for $22,000. The scholarship covers a year’s study at a Scottish University. Higgins, an English and Classics double major, will be attending the University of Glasgow.  The other universities that participate in the award are Edinburgh, St.