Global Studies News

We are all global citizens, with economics, society, language, media and more being shared and shifted the world over. Here you can learn more about the lives of the students, faculty and alumni who’ve dedicated their time at Temple University to the pursuit of exploring those connections through our Global Studies program. And if you have an idea for a story of your own you think we should tell, let us know! Global Studies students are challenged by the faculty to think about big-picture international issues, to experience new cultures and to learn new languages. The academic research and study produced brings new ideas that are applicable outside the classroom to make advancements on the world stage.

photo of don wargo and Anand Giridharadas on stage talking to audience

Political Analyst and author Anand Giridharadas recently visited the College of Liberal Arts as a guest of the Economics and Global Studies departments. In front of a packed auditorium, he argued for students to push for systemic changes rather than relying on the wealthy and corporations to fix the world for them.

Hero image of the 8 Fullbright Winners

Here’s what our eight Fulbright winners for 2018 had to say about Temple University and their awards.

A U.S. Army veteran and transfer student, “supersenior” Megan Maxwell will spend her summer using her Critical Language Scholarship to study Hindi in Jaunpur, India.

Image of Professor Ralph Young giving his Teach In lecture

President Trump has governed in ways that seem unlike any of his predecessors. A College of Liberal Arts panel explored how this affecting the U.S.’s relationships with other nations.

Dr. Montrul and Dr. Potowski giving their speeches at the Language, Linguistics and Life Conference

Speakers at the Graduate Students of Language at Temple’s Language, Linguistics and Life Conference argue why schools should do more to support heritage languages.