Geography and Urban Studies News

In more ways than one, nature, society and urbanism intersect, and here at Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts, we explore the causes and results of that intersection. The Department of Geography and Urban Studies researches this topic and provides undergraduate and graduate students with the skills and knowledge necessary to explore how space, place and scale effect the connection between nature and society. The department has a specialized focus on urban studies, here you’ll find content relative to everything our students, faculty and alumni are doing to further geographic analysis of all kinds. Follow the stories here to understand the impact of those changes and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.


Photo of representative Dwight Evans shaking hands with talk attendee in crowd

An astounding number of Americans can’t afford or can’t access enough healthy food. One Philadelphia congressman wants to change that.

Panel of Faculty from Geography and Urban Studies.

The College of Liberal Arts’ Sustainability Symposium examined how to sustainably develop cities.

screen for Justice at the Polls

Partisan gerrymandering created an unfair political advantage in Pennsylvania. But was it unconstitutional?

Sustainability Symposium

Climate change is a global problem, but its causes and effects aren’t equally distributed across the globe.

GIS Day November 15, 2017

GIS Day’s keynote speaker explains why geographic information systems is about more than maps; it’s about social constructs, including race and class, ethnicity, sexuality and gender identity.