Geographic Information Systems News

At a glance, geospatial technology may sound like a niche, but it’s anything but. The job market for those professionals who are trained in this discipline growing rapidly at nearly 35 percent and that growth is predicted to increase even further over the next 10 years. Temple students in the College of Liberal Arts’ Geographic Information Systems program are taught to combine data and maps in a manner that prepares them for critical research roles at tech companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. As the faculty teaches these skills and students grow and continue to succeed as alumni, you can follow them here. Read their stories below and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.

Sustainability Symposium

Climate change is a global problem, but its causes and effects aren’t equally distributed across the globe.

GIS Day November 15, 2017

GIS Day’s keynote speaker explains why geographic information systems is about more than maps; it’s about social constructs, including race and class, ethnicity, sexuality and gender identity.

Extreme Weather or Extreme Politics

During a recent panel discussion, Geography and Urban Studies faculty addressed the making of a natural disaster and urged students to take the conversation outside of the classroom.

Melissa Gilbert

The esteemed faculty member and geography and urban studies chair is honored to be appointed to the leadership position.

image of Darion Porter

After graduation, Darion completed a GIS internship with the City of Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation and is now a Research Assistant with the Public Health Management Corporation, a leading nonprofit provider of public health resources. Learn why Darion became an Environmental Studies Major.