Environmental Studies News

Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts offers students the opportunity to minor or major in Environmental Studies. Offered through our Department of Geography and Urban Studies, the programs teach students to better understand and respect their environment. The faculty teaches students how environmental decision making in one part of the world affects people in other parts. By illustrating those connections they help to develop the theoretical and methodological basis that empowers graduates to make meaningful, positive change. Follow the stories here to understand the impact of those changes and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.

Geography and Urban Studies students and faculty

Recognizing Excellent Instructors

Eleanor Hofkin Award: Kolson Schlosser, Geography and Urban Studies

This annual recognition is given by the College of Liberal Arts Alumni Association to a member of the faculty who has a demonstrated record of excellence in teaching and service to our students.

Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award: Sarah Heck, Geography and Urban Studies

Climate change facts may be settled, but they conflict with certain personal values. How do we bridge the divide?

Panel of Faculty from Geography and Urban Studies.

The College of Liberal Arts’ Sustainability Symposium examined how to sustainably develop cities.

screen for Justice at the Polls

Partisan gerrymandering created an unfair political advantage in Pennsylvania. But was it unconstitutional?

Sustainability Symposium

Climate change is a global problem, but its causes and effects aren’t equally distributed across the globe.