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You may think you know the English language—but how well do you really know it? The College of Liberal Arts’ English Department captures writers’ imaginations by helping them explore the intricacies and subtleties of the English language as they’ve developed—and continue to develop—across the English-speaking world. Students achieve greater mastery over the technical aspects of English writing while the faculty familiarizes them with the language through exposure to popular media, linguistic practices and literary traditions. When they leave Temple as alumni, they’re prepared to wield the English language in business, political, legal and academic positions. Read the faculty, student and alumni stories below and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.

photo of a colosseum

English major Rachel Elliott credits her study abroad experience for paving her path back to The Eternal City.

Photo of Liz

Author Liz Moore, who has won numerous literary awards and published three novels, was hired this past fall to work with graduate students in the English Department’s Creative Writing Program.

graphic of desert sky

English Professor Suzanne Gauch received a Presidential Humanities and Arts Research Program Award for her research regarding film depictions of one of the world’s most famous collection of folktales.

Photo of Yolanda Wisher

Longtime poet, performer, activist and purveyor of ‘hiraeth’ Yolanda Wisher spoke to us about what it means to be Philadelphia’s Poet Laureate. And why the world doesn’t need another Hemingway.

Brad Windhauser

We caught up with Brad Windhauser, an associate professor of instruction in the English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies programs, about how his latest book was informed by the city he lives in.